Super Mario Bros. Movie Premiere

Location: Nationwide
Client: TGV Cinemas

Print materials

Photowall backdrop

Customised props


Our team recently had the pleasure of working with TGV Cinemas on the launch of the highly anticipated new Mario Brothers movie. As part of the launch, we were tasked with printing marketing materials and creating backdrops and props for TGV Cinemas’ outlets nationwide to enhance the overall movie-going experience for audiences.

We worked closely with TGV Cinemas to ensure that the backdrops and props we created aligned with the movie’s themes and aesthetics. We wanted to transport moviegoers into the fantastical world of Mario and his brother Luigi, creating an immersive environment that would enhance their viewing experience.

Using a combination of materials, including foam, corrugated cardboard, canvas and plywood, we created a variety of backdrops and props, including interactive elements that audiences could engage with. For example, we created a Mario-themed photo area where movie goers could take photos with Mario and Luigi cutouts, as well as a giant mushroom prop that served as a fun photo opportunity. We also supplied and installed grass carpet for the installation area.

We were thrilled with the end result, and the feedback from TGV Cinemas and moviegoers alike was overwhelmingly positive. The backdrops and props we created helped to elevate the overall movie-going experience, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere that was perfect for the launch of this highly anticipated movie.

Overall, we are proud of the work we accomplished for TGV Cinemas and the new Mario Brothers movie launch. We look forward to future opportunities to collaborate and create immersive experiences for audiences across a range of industries and mediums.